VFX Demo Reel

Brief Breakdowns for Disintegration and Black Hole Effects Below:


Disintegration Laser Effect Breakdown

Disintegrator Material Graph

The whole idea behind the dissolve effect is masking out a portion of a texture based off of a threshold value. I achieve this by using pairs of "if" nodes to determine the minimum and maximum "fringe" and the alpha cutoff. In order to make it appear as if the disintegration is happening from the location that the laser hit the cylinder. The disintegration itself is driven by a blueprint that waits a predetermined amount of time before starting a timeline that drives the "dissolve value " parameter of the material.

The disintegrating flecks that come off of the cylinder are a group of particles with an expensive material based off the disintegration material Shown above, with changes added to allow control of color and decay by particle parameters. I make use of the Particle Macro UV node to achieve a "flickering" effect,

The Laser itself was fairly straightforward. I used a beam emitter to make the core of the beam, and the material itself utilized panning textures and uv distortion to give it the movement along the beam.

For the build up swirls, I'm panning a thin gradient along a mesh with stretched uvs, to reveal just a portion of the mesh, as demonstrated below.

Black Hole Bomb Breakdown

Black Hole Bomb Core Material Graph

I'm really happy with how this effect turned out. The instruction count for the "hole" material is pretty high, but still reasonable given By manipulating the world position of the individual vertexes on the black hole itself with a dynamic parameter and panning textures, I was able to achieve a really nice collapse effect. To elevate the whole effect of a "Black hole" I wanted it to actually appear to suck up and distort objects around it. To achieve this I drew inspiration from the used material parameter collection to store the data of the postion of the black hole effect, how strong I wanted the effect to be, and the radius over which I wanted the effect to be. I took that information, and plugged it into a blueprint to manipulate it. It was a really quick trick and ended up looking really cool.

Set up for the Mesh Material.

Simple blueprint to govern the effect.

For the Explosion and resulting Shockwave, I wanted them to cycle through different colors, so I used a Look Up Table to accomplish the shifting color effect. The "blast" sprite also erodes based off a second texture.